My name is Agnes B. C. Jackie Harris is my insurance agent. Jackie explained what I needed to do so perfect, that I had no problem signing up for Medicare.

Jackie has a warm and friendly way about her. She has a very respectful business manner about her. I tell everyone about Jackie’s way of business and her mannerisms. 1-10 I rate her a 10.  

- Agnes B. C.

 Hi, my name is Alice K. I'm 72 years old and I am a client of Jackie Harris. In all my years of dealing with insurance never have I met anyone as knowledgeable as capable as caring and as patient as Jackie. She takes her time and answers my questions thoroughly to a point of understanding to make sure that I need and how much I need. I never feel rushed or incompetent when talking to her and she always makes sure that I am satisfied with what I am offered. I wish I had met her years ago as my agent. However late though, I am truly grateful for making her acquaintance.  
- Alice K.

 As a young woman I didn't know a lot about life insurance and the impact it can have on not only myself but my family in the event of illness or death. I am thankful that I knew Jackie Harris and experienced Insurance Broker who took the time to set me up with the best personalized policy and explained what it means. She is always there if I have any questions and takes pride in making sure her clients like myself are knowledgeable about this important matter. One of the best in the business!  
- April C.